“Houston, we’ve had a problem…”

That line spoken by Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert, while often misquoted, has become one of the most famous quotes of the Apollo era.

Dubbed a “successful failure,” Apollo 13 is perhaps one of the most iconic Apollo missions. Although the crew did not set foot upon the lunar landscape, they problem-solved their way through disaster to ensure a safe return home.

It has been 52 years since Apollo 13 launched on a mission to the Moon carrying NASA astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise. Apollo 13 was slated to be the third lunar landing until an oxygen tank in the service module failed two days into the mission, causing the crew to abort their plans of landing on the Moon.

With innovative thinking, the support team in Mission Control engineered a solution to return the crew home safely.

The Apollo 13 mission symbolizes the power of teamwork and how creative problem-solving drives innovation. In today’s photo gallery, relive Apollo 13 by scrolling through photos from the mission.

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