The Apollo 13 mission was to be the first mission to land in the lunar highlands and to mark the third crewed mission to land on the Moon.

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However on the way to the Moon, the mission suffered an explosion that could have been devastating to the crew. How would the crew solve the problem?

To return the astronauts home safely, the support team in Mission Control worked quickly, used limited resources, and ultimately engineered a solution.

For many reasons the Apollo 13 mission symbolizes success, most importantly, because of the incredible teamwork, critical thinking, innovation and ability to work through adversity. Lessons learned from the Apollo 13 mission resonate today – perhaps more than ever before.

Hear from people who worked on the mission.

Watch this special April 17 Space Center Houston discussion “Apollo 13: Innovation in a Time of Crisis,” presented by JSC Federal Credit Union.

Hear from Bill Moon, CSM Electrical Power System, SSR; Bill Reeves, Lunar Module Electrical Power System, SSR; and Bill Stoval Flight Dynamics Officer about their experiences working in Apollo Mission Control Center during this unforgettable mission.

Apollo 13 virtual exhibit