Mark Polansky in space

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Polansky joined NASA in August 1992 as an aerospace engineer and research pilot. After being assigned to the Aircraft Operations Division at NASA Johnson Space Center, his primary responsibilities involved teaching astronaut pilots space shuttle landing techniques in the Shuttle Trainer Aircraft and instructing astronaut pilots and mission specialists in the T-38 aircraft. Polansky also conducted flight testing of the NASA T-38 avionics upgrade aircraft.

He was selected as an astronaut candidate in April 1996 and began training four months later. He was initially assigned as a member of the Astronaut Support Personnel team at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida supporting space shuttle launches and landings. Polansky also served as Chief of the CAPCOM branch, Chief Instructor astronaut and Chief of the Return to Flight and Orbiter Repair branches.

Spaceflight experience
A veteran of three space flight, Polansky has logged more than 993 hours in space. He was the pilot on STS-98 and the mission commander on STS-116 and STS-127.



Polansky retired from NASA in June 2012. Click here to read his full NASA biography.