Mission Control is an integral component of exploration – from launch to execution to completion, it serves to guide, develop, and integrate all components of a mission. Much like NASA’s Mission Control, mentors serve to guide, encourage and support our future explorers.

Space Center Houston would like to invite women in STEM fields to be part of the Girls STEM Pathway program as a STEM Mentor.

Space Center Houston’s STEM Pathway program is a new initiative which encourages the next generation of young women to not only enter but remain in STEM.

Like a mission, the program is divided into progressive stages, building on each other for a successful and sustainable outcome.

The Gateway Mentor Café stage provides the opportunity for our aspiring explorers to get to know leading women of STEM such as yourself.

We have all been inspired and encouraged by an incredible individual. This is your opportunity to intern share your insight and experience with these young women and ignite their passion in STEM and set them on the path to discovery.

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