If you’re looking for a more immersive field trip experience for your class or group, don’t miss our field trip enhancements!

Schools and organizations can upgrade their visit to Space Center Houston by adding exclusive tours and activities. Tour astronaut training facilities, design rockets, operate rovers, discover the Martian landscape through virtual reality and more.

Starship Gallery Tours

Our expert guide will introduce your group to the wonders of the space program in Starship Gallery. Gain a deeper understanding of our flown spacecraft, Moon rocks and more!

Neutral Buoyancy Lab Tours

See where astronauts train for the weightlessness of space on a guided tour of NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab, the largest pool of its kind in the world. You may even see astronauts suiting up and training for their next mission during your visit.

Robotics STEM Experience

Students will learn about the universe as they navigate their robot by driving through an obstacle field transporting a payload. Students will work in teams to design and build a chassis to transport a payload. Participants will then test their design on the challenge course.

Rocket Design STEM Experience

Students will apply Newton’s Laws of Motion by building and launching rockets. Students will learn the main parts of rockets, measure the distance of the rocket’s flight, and use engineering design to determine how to make their rockets go further and/or change trajectory.

Virtual Reality STEM Experience

Students use virtual reality to take a journey to the International Space Station, fly with Juno, or explore the red planet through a Mars rover.

Stars & STEM program

Stars & STEM is a rigorous and immersive program designed for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Stars & STEM now offers daytime, evening and overnight programs to best suit your group. We provide engaging, hands-on activities developed to match each grade level’s standards so students are challenged, inspired and eager to explore STEM concepts when they return to school.

To learn more, get prices or register, visit our field trip enhancement webpage or contact our Reservations department at reservations@spacecenter.org or +1 281-283-4755.

Field Trip Enhancements