Have you ever dreamed of working in mission control? Do you wonder what it’s like to sit at the flight director console during a mission?

Guests ages 15+ can find out what it’s like to work in mission control in our new Space Center U program launching next year.

Participants will experience the challenges that flight controllers and the other men and women of Mission Control face.

The authentic experiences were designed in collaboration with NASA flight controllers to provide realistic scenarios, which will put communication, collaboration and teamwork skills to the test.

Participants will team up to complete missions on the Moon that require delegation of roles, strategic planning, and decision making.

They will also put their robotic skills to the test by flying drones and programming robots. Information acquired by the drones will then be utilized to direct astronauts and rovers to collect the required samples and successfully complete the Lunar mission.

As in all missions, unforeseen difficulties may arise. It is the job and responsibility of the flight controllers to solve these problems and guide their team in the moment with the primary goal of a safe, successful mission.

Although a potential outcome for any endeavor, failure in this mission is not an option!

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