Did you know Space Center Houston offers one-day Explorer Camps on select weekends and holidays?

Surprise your future astronaut this spring with an unforgettable day exploring innovation, discovery and collaboration.

Sign up today for a one-day Explorer Camp on President’s Day, Feb. 17, as well as Saturday, March 7 and Saturday, April 18.

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Explore some of our top spring one-day Explorer Camps below.

Robots in Space – Ages 4-5

March 7 | $64.95
Robots are designed to do the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs in space exploration. Acquire knowledge about robots with fellow crew members and engage in hands-on activities to help distinguish between robots and non-robots. Build and then learn the basics of programming your own robots. The ultimate goal is to complete a robotics obstacle course tied to your space exploration mission!

Journey to Space – Ages 6-7

Feb. 17 | $64.95
All journeys begin with one single step. During this one-day adventure, campers will begin a journey into space. How do astronauts sleep in space? What happens if astronauts do not exercise? Campers will answer these questions while exploring space through science, art, and engineering.

Space Engineers – Ages 8-9

April 18 | $64.95
Engineers design robots to do the dull, dirty and dangerous work of space exploration. During this one-day mission, apply your problem-solving skills to various STEM based challenges. Crew members will design and build a satellite to relay information to and from space along with designing their own robotic arm to help astronauts transfer precious cargo to ensure the mission is a success!

Journey Beyond – Ages 10-11

Feb. 17 | $64.95
Taking a journey beyond Earth’s atmosphere requires elite survival skills from the astronaut teams. As you embark on this the one-day mission, learn what it takes to live and work in a weightless environment on board the International Space Station. Float through the nodes of the space station using virtual reality. Complete STEM-based challenges related to space exploration and build your own models of nodes that can be attached to the space station.

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