Space Center Houston invites educators to submit a proposal by Sept. 6, 2018 to present at SEEC Feb. 7-9, 2019.

SEEC 2019 is inviting presentations which are innovative, content driven, tied to space exploration and include a hands-on component. In response to requests from last year, we also encourage sessions for high school educators, those integrating math and tips on grant writing. Sessions tied to current NASA missions are also preferred.

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What is SEEC?


Designed for formal and informal educators in grades kindergarten through 12th, SEEC brings together teachers from all around the globe to exchange instructional strategies to integrate space and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) across all subject areas. You will venture beyond the classroom, expanding your frontiers as well as those of your students.

What are the session requirements?


Over the years, many SEEC participants made contacts throughout the space exploration field. We encourage educators to team up with these experts and consider co-presenting sessions. Highly desirable presentations will have a combination of a space professional and an educator. These expert/educator combinations will provide authentic learning experiences for all participants.

This year, sessions may now be 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or a double session, which is 180 minutes. Sessions must incorporate STEM concepts that can be implemented in an educational setting. STEM-based sessions with art integration are also welcome. Presenters who represent organizations may not promote the sale of their companies’ products.

For more information on the conference, the submission process, registration and travel, visit our SEEC proposal submission website here.

Please send any questions to