Space Center Houston hosted the panel of scientists behind NASA’s innovative Twins Study for their first public talk on June 3.

In the video below, hear from the researchers on the results of the investigation and how this ground-breaking study advances our knowledge of the human body and the impacts of spaceflight through the study of identical twins.

The panel was moderated by Space Center Houston’s scientist in residence Dr. John Charles, who worked in NASA’s Human Health & Performance Directorate to shed light on how the environment impacts your DNA and how the human body responds to spaceflight. These and more findings are what NASA’s 10 research teams, led by principal investigators, set out to better understand.

Space Center Houston guests also participated in hands-on learning with special Pop-Up Science Labs to demonstrate some of the study findings. Guests learned about how DNA and human health and performance are affected by living in microgravity and even spoke with some of the scientists about their research.

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