During your next visit, don’t miss our new mural in Zero-G Diner highlighting the past, present and future of space exploration.

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The mural, titled Journey to New Horizons, celebrates the spirit of American spaceflight and the visionary engineers, scientists, and astronauts who pioneered a new frontier beyond Earth.

This visual timeline captures some of America’s most influential and iconic achievements in spaceflight from the earliest milestones of launching a rocket to developing a spacecraft that will allow mankind to journey to another planet in the not-too-distant future.

The theme of envisioning the past, present, and future not only applies to the brilliant individuals who have made American spaceflight possible, but also the artists and photographers who have made spaceflight such an iconic and inspirational part of American history.

The mural was made possible by the imaginative talent of artist Blake Dumesnil who created the design using the work of artists Robert McCall, James R. Bassett, Stu Shepherd, as well as Glenco Models, Tamiya Models and NASA’s Imagery Online Database.

Mural highlights: