Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see a next-gen rover up-close? Wonder no more! See Astrolab’s FLEX rover at our upcoming Moon2Mars Festival, presented by Wellby, Powered by JSC FCU, June 9-12.

Astrolab’s Functional Logistics and Exploration (FLEX) rover may one day be used by astronauts on the surface of the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Now, you get to see it in action with live tech demonstrations all weekend long!

This multi-functional rover will be used to support human space exploration and sustain a human presence in deep space. Its capabilities include crew transfer and rescue, payload transport, site preparation, and robotic science.

The rover comes equipped with navigation and hazard detection sensors which allow it to act semi-autonomously. Other features include adaptive suspension for a smoother ride, a deployable solar array to generate power, a robotic arm for science activities, a steerable high gain antennae to stay connected with Earth, and a removable standing crew interface to make room for larger payloads.

As we move closer to a sustained human presence on the Moon with the Artemis missions, it will be important to have the tech to support humanity’s next giant leap. Astrolab is developing FLEX to be the ultimate adaptive rover, capable of supporting a wide range of human activities in the deep space destinations we aim to explore.

Learn more about FLEX from NASA/CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield:

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get an up-close look at Astrolab’s next-gen FLEX rover at Space Center Houston’s Moon2Mars Festival!

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