As NASA prepares for the launch of Artemis I this year, Space Center Houston continues to share this story with the public in exciting new ways.

Explore the story of Artemis. Watch episode one of our four-part series, “All About Artemis,” featuring William T. Harris, President & CEO of Space Center Houston.

Stay tuned for more episodes in our “All About Artemis” series and learn more about the upcoming Artemis I mission by checking out these blog posts:

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Coming Soon – Artemis Exhibit

Don’t miss our new permanent Artemis exhibit debuting at our upcoming Moon2Mars Festival, presented by Wellby, Powered by JSC FCU June 9-12 (tickets on sale now).

This interactive exhibit highlights Artemis through the job roles and cutting-edge space technology needed to support missions to the Moon. Learn about why we will explore and where we’ll go on the Moon. Collaborate with your crew to explore the Artemis Program and get answers to your questions from NASA engineers and astronauts.

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