Travel though space history in our Starship Gallery timeline and see a new artifact – a 16mm Apollo-era data acquisition camera.

This camera was used in training Apollo astronauts. A motion picture camera like this was mounted on the lunar rover to record mission activities. The film was later viewed back on Earth to determine how well the equipment worked and how mission requirements were accomplished.

The large handle was easier to hold by astronauts wearing bulky spacesuit gloves.

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Camera breakdown

16mm Camera Operation: The camera mount (grip) is removed from stowage and attached to the dovetail at the appropriate rendezvous window. The 16mm camera and accessories are unstowed as required. The selected lens is attached. An optional right-angle mirror may be installed on the lens. A ring sight may also be installed on the camera for hand-held use. A film magazine is installed on camera. The correct exposure is determined. The lens aperture and focus are set. The camera mode (frame rate) and shutter speed are set. The power cable is installed on camera. If required, the camera is installed in the mount at the window. The Utility Power receptacle switch is set to Off, the camera power cable is connected to the appropriate receptacle and the Utility Switch is placed to the Power position. Filming operation can be started by pressing the Operate button (switch) on the front of the camera. To stop the camera, the Operate button is pressed again.