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Apollo 17 was the last mission in which humans traveled to the Moon. It launched on Dec. 7, 1972; 12:33 a.m. EST,  with crew Eugene A. Cernan, Commander, Harrison H. Schmitt, Lunar Module Pilot, Ronald E. Evans, Command Module Pilot. It landed on the lunar surface on Dec. 11, 1972. Solve Space by unscrambling this image and learn more about Apollo 17, how to experience Apollo at Space Center Houston, and how we get there with the Artemis program!

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Apollo 17 was the first in which a scientist got to investigate the Moon firsthand: geologist Harrison H. Schmitt, who was also pilot of the lunar module, “Challenger.” The two primary geology objectives were to obtain highland samples older than the impact that created the Imbrium Crater (the area Apollo 15 had explored) and to investigate the possibility of geologically recent, explosive volcanism.

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