Space exploration takes courage, tenacity and innovation.

Tragically, it also claimed the lives of 17 brave souls in the Apollo 1 fire, the Challenger explosion and Columbia disaster.

In the Feb. 25, 2019 installment of our Thought Leader Series, former NASA flight director Wayne Hale, Jacobs vice president Lon Miller and NASA Johnson Space Center deputy engineering director Julie Kramer White discuss the applications of lessons learned from human space flight tragedies.

Wayne Hale spent 32 years with NASA before retiring in 2010. He served as the Space Shuttle Program manager or deputy for five years and was a shuttle flight director for 40 missions.

Lon Miller currently serves as the vice president and general manager at Jacobs, an international firm that provides technical and engineering services. Before joining Jacobs, Miller was the associate center director at NASA Stennis Space Center.

Julie Kramer White has been the NASA Johnson Space Center deputy engineering director since 2017. She served as chief engineer for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Exploration Vehicle for 11 years and began her career in 2000 serving as an orbiter vehicle engineering officer.

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