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We recently broke ground on the next exciting experience we are bringing to you – the only opportunity outside of the Space X headquarters to get up close to a SpaceX Falcon 9 flown booster B1035. The exhibit will be located in front of the Special Events Building where guests will be able to walk underneath the first stage engine.

The core will travel from Florida soon, and we anticipate it going on display by the end of the year. This will be the first commercial space exhibit for Space Center Houston. This rocket launched as part of two NASA missions. The first, CRS-11, was a resupply mission to ISS. This core acted as the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket that propelled a Dragon spacecraft into orbit.

CRS stands for Commercial Resupply Service and is part of NASA’s contract with SpaceX to provide U.S.-based supply launches to ISS. This mission launched June 3, 2017 and was the first time a Dragon spacecraft was reused.

B1035 flew again Dec. 15, 2017, marking the first time NASA allowed a reusable rocket stage to be reflown for one of its missions. SpaceX had previously reflown a booster, but for private company launches.

Learn more about this exhibit here!