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Learn how Space Center Houston is working to bring people and space closer together. 


Powering the future of space exploration

Space Center Houston announces plan to transform 100-acre site including a Lunar Mars Immersive Experience and Learning Center

New Facilities Master Plan

Space Center Houston is advancing a Facilities Master Plan to support the growing need for space exploration learning and training in two massive structures that will also give the public a front row seat into the development of robotics, rovers, lunar landers and reduced gravity systems. 

The Facilities Master Plan is the culmination of years of planning and prototyping to inform how the center will meet the needs of the growing space industry while educating the public through experiences that reveal how science and humanity power space exploration.

Educational Programming

The expansion will enable the center to grow its immersive programs that inspire guests of all ages to realize the significance of space exploration. Currently, through programs like Space Center Houston’s Space Center University and the Human Performance Accelerator Lab, students and adults train like an astronaut or engineer in the same facility as NASA astronauts.

To support the vision and expansion of these programs and facilities, the nonprofit will engage public and corporate support in addition to private philanthropy. 

Lunar Mars Surface Integration Facility

The Lunar Mars facility will include simulated surfaces of the Moon and Mars as well as modular surface labs to design and test instruments and techniques for surface exploration, support testing lunar and Martian rovers on a one-mile indoor track, allow engineers and astronauts to practice working in reduced gravity and conduct emergency procedures. An exhibit hall above the two surfaces will create an immersive guest experience for Space Center Houston guests to observe astronaut training in-person while learning about the missions, challenges and benefits of the space industry.


Imagine having a front row seat on the surface of Moon or Mars right here in Houston.

“Space Center Houston is recognized for providing meaningful, moving experiences about people and the courage, innovation and teamwork they use to expand the boundaries of what’s possible. We inspire our guests to connect with the significance of space exploration, to pursue their own path in space, or simply follow along as incredible feats of human spaceflight continue to bring joy and wonder to the world.”

-William T. Harris, President & CEO, Space Center Houston


Bringing people and space closer together

The center has unveiled a new brand identity driven by its shared purpose to bring people and space closer together. The new identity represents the evolution of Space Center Houston and its future. Space Center Houston has welcomed more than 24 million guests since opening its door on Oct. 16, 1992.


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