Apollo Trivia: Final week

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Apollo-era fashion flashback

What did Apollo-era fashion look like? Relive the golden age of space exploration through some of the most common fashion of the time. That iconic retro NASA look is very simple to recreate. It consists of a white button up shirt, a slim tie and usually dark slacks. Don’t forget your pocket protector and black-frame […]

Apollo Trivia: Week 8

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Infographic: Apollo 11 image

More to explore about the Apollo 11 mission Crew Neil Armstrong, Commander Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., Lunar Module Pilot Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot Backup Crew James A. Lovell, Commander Fred W. Haise Jr., Lunar Module Pilot William A. Anders, Command Module Pilot Payload Columbia (CSM-107) Eagle (LM-5) Launch July 16, 1969; 9:32 a.m. EDT […]

Video: Apollo Mission Control Center now touring

After two years, we are ready to show off the newly restored Apollo Mission Control Center! Two years in the making, this monumental project has returned this national historic landmark to how it looked in 1969. This room has been restored to look as it originally did during the Apollo program. To support the restoration, […]

Apollo Trivia: Week 7

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Astronaut Friday: Buzz Aldrin

July 20, 1969 is perhaps one of the most important dates in history. It is the day humans first stepped foot on the Moon, a feat once imagined to be impossible. The Apollo 11 mission placed astronauts Aldrin and Armstrong on the lunar surface, proving that humans could travel to deep space and return safely […]

Apollo Trivia: Week 6

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Photo Gallery: Apollo-era flight controllers

Did you know that during the Apollo 11 mission, the average age of flight controllers was just 28? Imagine being responsible for landing a man on the Moon for the first time ever in your late twenties. What was it like? How did they prepare? What was the most challenging aspect? Find out the answers […]

Mission Apollo Minute: Apollo 10

Astronauts Gene Cernan, John Young and Tom Stafford had an unenviable mission as part of Apollo 10. Apollo 10 was the dress rehearsal mission for the first Moon landing. Cernan and Stafford came within eight nautical miles of the lunar surface before turning back. Young and Cernan both went back to the Moon, walking on […]